About Gaden Jangtse Monastery:

Gaden Monastery is one of the three major Buddhist monastic universities of Tibet. It was founded by Lama Tsong Khapa in 1409 and at the height of its flourishing contained 7,000 monks devoting themselves to the spiritual path.

After 1959 Gaden Monastery was rebuilt in exile in Mundgod, south India, starting over with about 300 monks. In the ensuing years Gaden Jangtse Monastery (one of the two wings of Gaden Monastery) has labored with much perseverance to reestablish its precious institutions and traditions. Gaden Jangtse now has about 1,400 monks.

Gaden Monastery is of the Gelugpa tradition, from which His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama’s lineage descends.

About Tsawa House:

Within Gaden Jangtse Monastery there are 12 houses (khangtsen) each accommodating monks coming from different geographical areas in and around Tibet.

Tsawa khangtsen is one of the largest houses at Gaden Jangtse and represents various Himalayan regions around Lhasa (Tibet), Bhutan, Nepal, Ladakh and Arunachal Pradesh (India). When Tibet was free, this khangtsen was home to more than 800 monks. After 1959 only 10 monks from Tsawa house escaped to India. Due to much effort and determination Tsawa house has grown and prospered, and the monks from this tour are an example of the indomitable spirit and joy of the Tibetan spiritual life and its traditions.